Installation & Implementation

Computer Associates conducts the installation and implementation phase of each client's new software and/or hardware network with the goal of minimizing the impact on daily operations. During the installation/implementation process, Computer Associates will have hardware engineers and software staff specialists present to insure the proper functioning of all aspects of the computer system. Trainers and analysts will remain on site after the final conversion and live start up to insure a smooth and efficient transition to the new system.

CAI helps clients achieve their business goals by building, integrating and supporting mission-critical applications and systems for optimized quality, increased business value, faster time-to-market and reduced total cost of operations.

CAI integrates data and applications for companies and organizations to deliver fully functional business solutions. We blend our best-of-breed tools, standardized processes and skilled resources in enterprise architecture, enterprise application integration, business intelligence/data warehousing, business continuity/disaster recovery and network security to help our clients leverage information for optimal business value. With a 30-year history, a depth of industry experience and a proven track record of integrating data, applications and technology, CAI has the knowledge and resources to help you meet your enterprise integration goals. You’ve spent time and money carefully planning, building and implementing the key technologies necessary to run your business. You know the importance of integrating these technologies to provide competitive advantage and maximize your IT investment. You know integration is the key to reducing complexities, improving time-to-market, reducing costs, delivering accurate information, improving performance and productivity, increasing reuse and providing flexibility and scalability. You also know you have unique needs based on your industry, size and business objectives. How do you integrate your technologies efficiently and cost-effectively to meet your business needs?

By offering a comprehensive approach to your mission-critical enterprise integration initiatives, CAI can provide the solutions to help you harness the power and benefits of enterprise integration. CAI uses IT-proven best practices and competitive research to guide, assess, enhance and create turnkey systems to support your business goals.