Software and Services to Keep You Running

From the desk of Jim McCooey, President of Computer Associates, Inc. (CAI).

Dear Business Owner,

Hello, my name is Jim McCooey, President of Computer Associates, Inc. (CAI).

For more than 35 years CAI has been helping small and medium-size businesses solve some of their biggest challenges with feature-rich, industry-specific ERP software. We’ve also invested substantially in technologies that help our ERP customers secure their business networks and get the most of their information technology (IT) investment.

As we continue to expand our managed IT services practice, we are re-branding the group to CAI Managed IT and invite you to visit our website.

The goal of the new website is to make it easier for our existing clients to submit and manage support requests, and provide more information about our services for prospective clients. Our current clients who can access our ticket client portal can now use their e-mail and password to log into the site to make filling out forms easier, access special content, and gain access to our ticketing system.

As a managed services provider (MSP), CAI Managed IT offers a full suite of enterprise-level services that can help eliminate IT issues before they cause expensive downtime. For a fixed monthly fee, we monitor your systems 24/7, apply patches, ensure backups, keep viruses at bay, and perform a host of other proactive measures. Little problems don’t become big―and expensive―and in most cases you won’t even know there was ever an issue. And we do it with an infrastructure needed to keep our prices affordable and our clients up and running.

Ready to take advantage of all that the cloud has to offer? Our secure and affordable network server hosting or complete Infrastructure-as-a-Service solutions are a smart choice that can help you save money!

At CAI, we understand that IT has become a significant consideration for small businesses in today’s high-tech society. We also know that small business owners are under constant pressure to conduct business more efficiently while simultaneously reducing costs. Having a complete IT department is not a viable solu-tion for most small businesses, and very few small companies can afford to deploy even one permanent IT employee. Fortunately, CAI’s Managed IT can provide a smart, cost-effective alternative.

Find out how we can help. Visit the CAI Managed IT website.

Have a fantastic day,

Jim McCooey, President