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The Power of Dynamics NAV

“The software enables us to streamline our internal processes, including how we create customer lots and settle their accounts. Navision for Refiners was built with the specific functionality we needed for our refining business.”

In analyzing the suitability of any metals refining software system, one of the key criteria, next to functionality, should be ease of use. Unlike some enterprise business solutions, Navision for Refiners requires little training to achieve usability. Because of the software’s compliance with Microsoft standards, anyone who is familiar with Microsoft products can learn to use it quickly. The GUI interface is intuitive, and the layout is simple to remember because it is consistent throughout the applications. Navision for Refiners users become competent and productive quickly.

Navision for Refiners was engineered with both the first time user and the advanced metals refining professional in mind. Selected key screens are shown below to demonstrate both the comprehensiveness and yet the ease of use that permeates the entire Navision Refining software system

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Main Menu
Lot Entry Card
Production Order Card

Lot Settlement Card
Lot Settlement Doc